Our Equipment

Wagga Directional Drilling love finding the right solution for all drilling situations, and this includes investing in the latest technology and equipment to get the job done right the first time!

Dry Vac Truck

Wagga Directional Drilling’s new dry vac truck uses compressed air instead of high-pressure water to assist with the non-destructive excavation process. The lack of water used in the process ensures that more material can be excavated at a time, allowing for greater efficiences.

Wth it’s powerful suction, the dry vac truck removes gravel, soil and mud, water, debris and solid materials, without touching pipes or cables, thereby focusing on sensitivity in the excavation process.

Dry Vac trucks are proven to be the safest tool when working in and around undercover utilities. With minimal risks to workers, the Dry Vac allows for extra care to be taken in maintaing the condition and integreity of underground assets.

Substantially shorter construction periods, less CO2 emissions are other particularly noteworthy features of this technology.

Vacuum Trucks

WDD have a range of Hydro Vac trucks including the following:

Vermeer Mega vac 6000ltr capacity with sewer jetting capabilities

Ringo-matic 6000tlr capacity

Ringo-matic 4000ltr capacity

Vermeer 3500tlr capacity

Directional Drills

Wagga Directional Drilling have both a Vermeer 20×22 and a Vermeer 36×50.

These complex machines consists of a cradle, a body, bogie (track-type or wheel), a generating unit (diesel engine), a hydraulic aggregate, a drill rod feeder, a drill carriage, and a control panel (an operator’s work place).

Machines are classified by their maximum tractive force measured in tones. Other important characteristics are maximum enlargement diameter and maximum drilling length.

Chain Trencher

Thanks to the experienced team at WDD, we have a shining track record for excellent trenching services in NSW. We can locate and haul all types of utilities and get the job done in no time. Our CASE 460 is the ideal machine for smaller areas.

Zero Tension Optic Fibre Dozer

WDD have units for laying both copper and fibre optic communications cable.

Zero tension is required for fibre optic to ensure that the delicate fibres aren’t damaged in the laying process.

Tip Trucks

Wagga Directional Drilling will provide the correct Tip Trucks to get your job sorted correctly the first time, every time.

We currently have the folowing Tip Trucks:

2 x 2m3


WDD currently have the following excavators:

Kobelco 13.5 ton excavator
Komatsu 4.5 ton excavator
Komatsu 3 ton excavator
Case 3 ton excavator
Hitachi 1.8 ton excavator

Ground Penetrating Radar

Our Ground Penetrating Radar detects both conductive and non-conductive underground utilities using wide-band radar technology and features internal GPS.

It is capable of detecting plastic and ceramic utilities at depths of up to 8m / 27’ deep. The Radar captures the Line View on screen, including GPS data with the ability to email the collected data immediately to our customers.

Pole Removal & Installation Optic Fibre

Wagga Directional Drilling provide complete pole removal and installation of optic fibre services.

Cable Locating Vehicle

WDD have experienced staff that are fully DB4d accredited to locate all types of pipes and cables.


WDD have Bobcats for all jobs of all sizes.

Pit Pipe & Haul Vehicles

With the expansion of the nbn™ to every property in Australia, as well as the growth of other private networks, the demand for workers with the skills to install underground infrastructure and associated cabling has never been higher.

WDD provide copper, fibre and coaxial hauling techniques.

Cable Winches

WDD have a full range of equipment including certified winches Kevlar ropes and fully experienced staff for all your copper and optic fibre hauling.

State Of The Art Equipment