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Underground locations

Underground service locations & cable locations
Electronic detection of underground services is by far the most safe and accurate method of underground service locations. Wagga Directional Drilling has all the latest and most up to date radio frequency locators available. This combined with our vacuum hydro excavation keyhole pothole techniques enable us to offer the most accurate and reliable underground service location facility available.

Our proven techniques are used extensively by many of the civil contracting companies, surveyors and government departments as well as private home owners, contractors and subcontractors.

We have many systems in place to enable us to confidently locate all traceable services for any type of work. We use a vast array of techniques and in house equipment that allows us to locate many of the untraceable assets found underground. Our techniques are tried, trusted and proven.

Hydro vacuum excavations
Hydro vacuum excavation was pioneered by Wagga Directional Drilling as a service to assist electronic detections, to pothole and identify services to eliminate any costly damage, breakages and accidents involved in any type of mechanical excavation.

Since introducing hydro excavation, it has become the fastest growing excavation service industry in Australia. Wagga Directional Drilling has a large and growing fleet of hydro excavation equipment and machines to safely dig in sensitive areas where traditional excavation machinery could cause major damage.

Hydro excavation equipment will NOT damage services.
All assets are safely protected when you dig with hydro excavation equipment. Our machines are engineered to excavate at the ideal pressure to allow the fastest hydro excavation possible with the assurance that it will not damage even the thinnest irrigation or phone lines.

Whether you are trenching across optic fibre or digging a pole hole near water and gas mains, hydro vacuum excavations is the safe and obvious choice.

All our staff are fully accredited Telstra locators so you can be guaranteed you are doing everything to meet your duty of care obligations and to minimize any chance of damaging underground services.

Wagga Directional Drilling is an affiliated Dial Before You Dig member and works in accordance with OHS guidelines to make sure you are doing everything legally required to protect underground assets.

Waste disposal
Wagga Directional Drilling is leading the industry with full testing and storage facilities of waste produced from vacuum excavation.

So if you want peace of mind that you are meeting all your requirements with the EPA and do not want to be left liable for contaminated waste the best choice is Wagga Directional Drilling. We fully test at NATA, a credited laboratory, and dispose at EPA and council registered waste disposal sites.

Ground Penetrating Radar

Our Ground Penetrating Radar detects both conductive and non-conductive underground utilities using wide-band radar technology and features internal GPS.

It is capable of detecting plastic and ceramic utilities at depths of up to 8m / 27’ deep. The Radar captures the Line View on screen, including GPS data with the ability to email the collected data immediately to our customers.

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