Vacuum Excavation

Wagga Directional Drilling’s new dry vac truck uses compressed air instead of high-pressure water to assist with the non-destructive excavation process. The lack of water used in the process ensures that more material can be excavated at a time, allowing for greater efficiences.

Wth it’s powerful suction, the dry vac truck removes gravel, soil and mud, water, debris and solid materials, without touching pipes or cables, thereby focusing on sensitivity in the excavation process.

Dry Vac trucks are proven to be the safest tool when working in and around undercover utilities. With minimal risks to workers, the Dry Vac allows for extra care to be taken in maintaing the condition and integreity of underground assets.Substantially shorter construction periods, less CO2 emissions are other particularly noteworthy features of this technology.
Applications of Dry Vac Services

Why Choose a Dry Vac


We control the functions of our dry vac via remote control operation, ensuring the safety of our operators and the minimising the risk of loss and/or damage for property asset owners.


A frequency optimised sound absorbing system is installed within our truck, overall reducing noise pollution for the local community.


Our units ensure a smooth and dust free operation. The superfine filter units in our trucks separate even the finest dust particles from the air flow and the purified air is then discharged from the top via the silencer unit.



The RSP fans installed in our trucks continously achieve and maintain their extremely low levels of emission.


By using our dry vac, we are able to reduce water use and divert muck waste from landfill, meeting the resource efficiency requirements of the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia.


Our vac truck is an economical, fast and safe solution for a variety of applications. The use of powerful suction removes a variety of debris, muck etc, without touching pipes or cables, thereby allowing sensitivity in excavation.

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